Young But Mature

NishaTec Solutions is a very new company, but the staff within the company have been in the industry for many years, working with top companies and blue-chip clients. 

Our aim is to help business evolve their I.T. systems so that they can cope with the business demands of today, but be in good shape to tackle the new demands of tomorrow.  Use of the Internet as a sales medium has already taken off in a big way, but there are many more ways to enhance the use of the Internet as a sales medium with new technologies.

Wealth of Experience

We have worked with many of the Microsoft technologies from pre-release stages, forging greater links with Microsoft and greater understanding of the products.  Our staff have worked with the .NET framework for many months, working very closely with experts from within Microsoft and being invited to closed-door training sessions with them. 

We also have a vast amount of experience delivering portals and knowledge repositories with Microsoft's Sharepoint Portal Server and Team Services.  computing to give more flexibility and support to your staff.


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